Friday, October 22, 2010

Dr Seuss rhyme to go with the Dr Seuss cake for my niece's wedding...(Love you Robin)

My niece has me making a polk-a-dot and striped cake for her wedding....which has me thinking Dr. Seuss...A Dr Seuss cake needs a Dr Seuss style rhyme...right? So, with my morbid sense of humor, I came up with the following....(same rhythm as cat in the hat...)

Was the 23rd of October
it wasn't quite june
the stress of the wedding
was causing much gloom

The bride was in tears
The groom being a jerk
 and Mommy and Auntie were trying to make cake work...(just go with it.)

Granny was sewing, attaching the fabric
and the cousins were fighting, (a very bad habit!)

groomsmen were missing,
 there was much stressing
and moaning and pissing

along comes an army
of people to help
Maybe together
the bride won't yelp!

It will all be wonderful
when all is said and done
world war three
isn't quite as much fun...

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