Friday, October 22, 2010


Well, I guess I did it now. I have people telling me I should write a blog. So, here I am, 12:48am, starting a blog.

I should be working on a myriad of projects for my eldest niece's wedding in TWO DAYS.

I could be working on my own personal and spiritual growth with the two books I'm reading and the scriptures I'm trying to work through cover to cover. 

I could be sleeping, because I know my 6 year old (who is special needs) is going to be up at the crack of dawn. He is under the impression that he should dictate when the sun comes up. He is also of the opinion that if he's awake, everyone else should be also. This proves difficult when he's having a bout of insomnia or decides that 4 hours is enough sleep.

Instead, here I sit.

I am chugging diet coke, dinking around on the computer. I have two toast glasses that need stencils cut so I can etch them. (an impossible task) I have cakes to bake so we can decorate them tomorrow. Once upon a time I use to be superwoman! I could do anything. But this wedding has me feeling like I've been rolling in my own brand of kryptonite. I think I am more nervous now than when I got married to my ex. It's kind of bizarre.

I am thinking that in the grand scheme of things, if there's a flaw in the cake, or the lines aren't perfect on the glasses, no one that matters is going to care. It's not really about me, is it? Isn't it about my niece, her fiance and their new life together? (not that i'm going to do a half @$$ job...don't worry, I'll do my best!)

I think that I've procrastinated enough for now. If it weren't for the last minute in my life, nothing would ever get done!

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